ACS710 Current Sensor IC Released to Market

栏目:产品信息 发布时间:2009-09-30
Allegro New Product Release
ACS710 Current Sensor IC
Today, we will be releasing the ACS710 current sensor IC to market. Attached is a product presentation and distributor pricing for your information.  We strongly suggest that you stock the MOQ for each of the catalog part numbers listed in the information.
Product Description:  The Allegro ACS710 current sensor IC provides an economical and precise means for current sensing applications in industrial, commercial, and communications systems. The device is offered in a small footprint surface mount package that allows easy implementa­tion in customer applications.
The ACS710 consists of a precision linear Hall sensor integrated circuit with a copper conduction path located near the surface of the silicon die. Applied current flows through the copper conduction path, and the analog output voltage from the Hall sensor linearly tracks the magnetic field generated by the applied current. The accuracy of the ACS710 is maximized with this patented packaging configuration because the Hall element is situated in extremely close proximity to the current to be measured.
High level immunity to current conductor dV/dt and stray electric fields, offered by Allegro proprietary integrated shield technology, guarantees low ripple at output and low offset drift in high-side, high voltage applications. The voltage on the Overcurrent Input (VOC pin) allows customers to define an overcurrent fault threshold for the device. When the current flowing through the copper con­duction path (between the IP+ and IP– pins) exceeds this threshold, the open drain Overcurrent Fault pin will transition to a logic low state. Factory programming of the linear Hall sensor IC inside of the ACS710 results in exceptional accuracy in both analog and digital output signals.
The internal resistance of the copper path used for current sens­ing is typically 1 mΩ, for low power loss. Also, the current conduc­tion path is electrically isolated from the low voltage sensor inputs and outputs. This allows the ACS710 family of sensor ICs to be used in applications requiring electrical isolation, without the use of optoisolators or other costly isolation techniques.